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Want your book to be a movie? Try Taleflick

Like many writers, I have dreamed of seeing my book made into a movie. How cool would that be!?! In fact, while I am writing books, the scenes come to me as thought they are already a movie -- I am just recording what I see into words.

Two recent circumstances intensified my desire to see my debut novel, The Language of Divorce, made into a movie. First, I am in the midst of the audio production of my book with Findaway Voices. The amazingly talented Susan Marlowe is narrating the book. I was blown away by the sample I heard and how Susan was able to bring my story to life. The audiobook will be available in May of this year.

Second, I recently learned about a company called Taleflick which seeks to match television and movie production companies looking for content with authors who have content. How cool! My book is already uploaded on the site and the site is open to anyone with content! Taleflick holds weekly "discovery" contests and now, as I understand, they are going to choose a book to make into a movie themselves. I feel like that kid in the front row with their hand up ---- Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Anyway, I thought I would do the good folks at Taleflick a solid and cast my novel in advance! Here are my picks:

JUSTIN HARTLEY: WILL ABBOTT (the affable boy-next-door everyone loves)

RACHEL MCADAMS: HANNAH ABBOTT (the loving and fastidious wife still in love with her husband)

VINCE VAUGHN: DAVID DEWEY (the tough-talking attorney with a heart of gold)

DAKOTA JOHNSON: RACHEL GOLDSTEIN (the insecure novice attorney infatuated by the Abbotts)

DAMIAN LEWIS: JACK CONNORS (Rachel's boss, a slick divorce attorney)

EMILIA CLARKE: JENNY (David Dewey's adorable love interest)

OLIVIA WILDE: AMBER (David Dewey's paralegal and the woman who catches Will's eye)

If you read The Language of Divorce, let me know how I did with casting! And Taleflick? Just say the word........

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