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Leanne Treese’s short story, Love-Locked on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, takes place in downtown Pittsburgh and follows reporter Sienna Dewey as she chases down a unique loves story while facing a romantic conundrum of her own.

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Enjoy this entertaining character interview and get a glimpse of the intriguing stories awaiting you in LOVE ON MAIN. Remember to look for the keyword/phrase and take a note of it!

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Jennifer Armstrong spotted Nate Watson at the coffee shop right away. She waved; Nate stood up. He was tall – 6’2” maybe – with broad shoulders across a white t-shirt. His hair was thick, brown, and messy. He smiled at her. The smile made him look approachable when everything else about him said out-of-your-league. Jennifer felt suddenly ridiculous, like the type of woman who might have to fan herself in the presence of a handsome man. But, of course, she was there for the interview. Nothing more.

“Nate,” she said, extending her hand. “Nice to meet you.”


That smile again. He took her hand in his; she looked into his eyes. Were they green? Hazel? She realized she was staring, too late, then looked down. She was still holding his hand! She dropped it and took a step back. He smiled. AGAIN. She couldn’t find her voice.


She shook her head. God. She was an idiot. Her words came out in a rush. “Thanks for meeting with me. As you know, Sienna’s story is going to be part of an anthology – Love on Main. It seemed prudent, you know, to get other perspectives. To see Sienna through the eyes of others.”

Nate nodded. He was hard to read.

“You’re obviously a big part of the story. Would you be willing to let me interview you?” Jennifer’s voice felt like it went up an octave with the question; she put her hand to her throat.

Nate sat and gestured for her to do the same. He took a sip of coffee. Jennifer forced herself not to ask the question again.

“Of course,” Nate said finally. “That’s why we’re here. Right?”

“Right.” Jennifer held up her phone. “Can I record our interview?”

“Well.” He leaned forward, his voice low. “What I’m about to say is top secret so, no, I don’t want a record of it.”

Jennifer stared at him. Top secret? What?

Nate kept a straight face then laughed like it was second nature, as though his life was filled with silly, happy moments. He waved his hand. “I’m kidding. Of course. Record away.”

Jennifer smiled. She took a deep breath.

Q: When did you first meet Sienna Dewey?

A: I was in junior high. Fourteen, maybe. I was friends with her brother, Ryan. I barely saw her growing up, to tell you the truth. She didn’t hang out much with her brother and his friends. I thought she was pretty, though. I remember that.

Q: And how did you come to live with Sienna in Pittsburgh?

A: I got a marketing job in Pittsburgh at Castle Toys. Sienna lived there. Ryan told me her roommate had moved out and I could stay in her apartment until I found a place. She didn’t want me there, I found out later. She and Ryan agreed on three months, maximum. Sienna brought up the three months a lot in the beginning. ‘Three months, Nate. Three months.’

Nate said ‘three months’ in a nagging voice but smiled as he did so.

Q: And what did you learn about Sienna’s roommate? The one who moved out?

A: It wasn’t her roommate. It was her fiancé. I wanted to smack Ryan when I found that out. I mean, no wonder she didn’t want me there. If Ryan had told me, I would have understood her better. But, really, until I knew about her fiancé, about Grant, I just thought she was mean or a recluse or something. She barely talked to me.

Q: When did you find out about Grant?

A: About a month after I moved in, he called her. I didn’t know who she was talking to but there was a noticeable difference in her demeanor after. She seemed happier. He called a few more times and I finally made some kind of wisecrack. She told me about him then. She and Grant met as freshmen at Pitt and dated all four years. They got engaged after graduation. Then he met someone else and broke it off. I was floored by that. Four years and that’s it. And Sienna seemed so willing to take him back. I couldn’t believe it. The guy sounded like a total douchebag.

Q: And did you tell her that?

Nate leaned back and laughed.

A: No way. I had a place to stay and cheap rent for Pittsburgh. I wasn’t going to make any waves.

Q: Did Grant move back in?

A: No. After about two weeks, he told her it was over. That he wouldn’t be calling again and, get this, that he was getting engaged. Apparently, all the calls were Grant’s way of making sure he was making the right decision.

Q: That must have been devasting for Sienna.

Nate shook his head.

A: You have no idea. I felt so bad. I started to bring home stupid games from work to cheer her up. I made up that I had to play with them as part of my job. I’d find the most ridiculous things. Like dancing hamsters or board games about manners. They always made her laugh. Really hard. That’s was one of the things I liked about her most – that, when she laughed, you laughed too. It became a thing for me, to get Sienna to laugh.

Q: Was there anything else that drew you to her?

A: I liked her drive. Sienna was serious about her job as a reporter. She was also always up on the news, always willing to have a debate but not in an obnoxious way, you know. Just a debate where you could see both sides. I liked that about her, her ability to see things from different angles. Plus, she gorgeous. Really. Most of the time Sienna didn’t really try. The first time I saw her dressed up? Good God. I was not ready for that. She went from this kind of cute girl-next-door to an absolute knock-out with thick wavy hair, these stunning blue eyes. And her figure. I mean, most days she wore sweat clothes. I apologize if it’s sexist to say this but Sienna’s figure was like something out of a swimsuit catalog.

Jennifer squelched a wave of envy. Nate seemed transfixed by the memory.

Q: Did you tell Sienna how you felt about her?

A: I tried.

He looked down a moment.

A: She seemed not to feel the same way.

Q: Did you ever think Grant would come back?

A: That thought didn’t occur to me. I might have punched him if I’d seen him.

Q: Well how about you? Was there anyone else?

Jennifer forced her voice to remain level.

A: There was a girl at work who liked me. Katy. She was cute. We flirted a lot. But the thing is, I didn’t look forward to seeing her. Not like I did with Sienna. And her laugh. Katy’s laugh was the most God-awful thing. Twittery and high. I went out of my way NOT to make her laugh. Which was hard. I’m a funny guy. But still. There was a something there. I won’t deny that.

Q: And the Margot story? How did that play into things?

A: The Margot story. That was huge for Sienna. She truly cared about Margot which showed another side of her. She was so worried on Valentine’s Day, when Margot was going to the bridge. I mean, she’d already done the story on Margot. The bridge didn’t matter. But Sienna was always looking for the happy ending.

Q: And do you think Sienna found it? Her happy ending?

A: Jennifer Armstrong, are you trying to get the end out of me? [BEFORE] the anthology even comes out?

Jennifer’s face reddened. She held her hands up.

Q: OK. So you can’t tell me about Sienna. But how about you, Nate? Did you find your happy ending?

A: I most certainly did.

Q: And?

A: And you’ll have to get a copy of Love on Main to find out.

Jennifer switched off her phone and made a mental note to buy the book. Part of her hoped that Nate’s happy ending meant that he’d found comfort in being single. That he was still available, just awaiting the right girl. Maybe the one right before him?

Nate stood up and shook her hand. He smiled and Jennifer knew it. The look. Nate Waston was in love. The question was: with who?

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